How to HELP

We love our volunteers and we are always excited to welcome new people to the team who want to be used to inspire the next generation towards hope.  

Whether your ready to muck a stall, talk with a group of kids or help us apply for a grant, we have all kinds of opportunities for you to be involved.  If you are interested in volunteering or simply discovering more about how you can make an impact through the ranch, please click on the Volunteer Today button below to fill out a simple form so we can contact you directly.  




For Ages 8+

This monthly opportunity is open for kids/teens/individuals/ families to help with ranch chores, simple projects and love on the horses. This group meets the third Saturday of every month. No horse experience required.




For Ages 8+

Several times a year, we have a work day at Bright Side for small and large projects that includes skilled and unskilled labor. No horse experience required.



For Ages 20+

This team fosters the environment where students feel safe to share as well as encourage the personal growth and the development of character and leadership in participants through an interactive session with a child and a horse. Introductory exposure to horses and riding needed.



For All Ages

“Round Ups” are group experiences for kids and teens at the ranch.  Groups have several activities to choose from and we are looking for volunteers who can serve occasionally with this team to help with painting a pony, fishing or just hanging out with kids who want to brush a horse.




All Ages

With 15 acres to manage and maintain there is never a shortage of mowing and small projects that require some manual labor. The property team helps to care for the property and enable the environment of the ranch to be well maintained for all our guests. No horse experience required.




Ages 15+

This is an opportunity to see to the regular, daily needs of the horses, such as feeding, watering, cleaning pastures/stalls, and grooming/bathing. Introductory exposure to horses needed.



Admin/office team

Ages 20+

Keeping a nonprofit running requires data and files and sometimes paperwork. We would love to have your organizational skills help keep us moving forward. No horse experience required.



Group & community Service

Ages 8+

Whether youth groups, mission teams, community groups, or business teams, we love when groups come out together to serve at the ranch! No horse experience required.



You can make an impact by partnering with us in ministry.