What we do

Bright Side Youth Ranch serves children and teens ages 8-18 years old that are experiencing crisis, both ongoing and current life challenges. Those can range from anxiety, depression, anger, abuse, trauma, neglect, loss, self-harm, behavioral issues, chronic illness, to living in a high-risk environment, or any combination of above.

Bright Side offers One-on-One Mentoring Sessions for children and teens in crisis and group experiences we call Round Ups for any group of children and teens. Both of these programs, seasonally run, seek to meet the needs of the community in unique ways.

When we invest in the lives of children and teens, we have the opportunity to impact their future. What is packed into their hearts now is what they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Through the mentoring sessions, we can give children and teens someone who cares, and we can love them before they love themselves.